Points for 2016 - Non-Equitation

As of April 1st

Division Member Horse Points
Children's Hunter Horse Schaefer, Melissa Dr. Who 94
Bernardo, Hayley Epic 73
Esposito, Sophie Lintoc von Lozio 63
Children's Hunter Ponies Croston, Victoria April Showers 280
Babb, Kimberly Glynhfan  Virginia Slim 48
Hunter Derby 2'9 Gadrow, Claire Rio 19
Hunter Type Pet Pony DeAngelis, Brook Grommet 168
Tremblay, Reagan Class Act 164
Brown, Sandra Killy Gordon's Giddy Up 141
Snyder, Eamon My Wild Irish Rose 120
Horsfield, Savannah Starling (SH) 46
DeBerardis, Sophie Highlands Castle 36
Leadline Suitability Berard, Isabella Pandora's Box 51
Shelales, Isabella Jiminy Cricket 42
Charette, Mary Texas Souvenir 21
Ward, Alison Dandy 13
Modified Adult Hunter Smith, Wendy Neiko 489
Lebo, Christopher Santana 183
Sargent, Jay One for All 126
Lemois, Courtney  Lance T 122
Charette, Mary Piano Man 113
Sylvia, Beth Nelson 63
Sargent, Jay Equador 44
Charette, Mary Kings Ransom 25
Sargent, Jay Elsie 18
Performance Hunter Monge, Malia Westlife 144
Pony In Hand Anderson, Kayleigh Quantico 21
Pre-Adult Hunter Charette, Mary Kings Ransom 219
Farwell, Hannah Greetings 102
McNamara, Robin Starling 69
Pre-Children's Hunter Maker, Aliya Secret Service 192
Tremblay, Reagan Class Act 192
Sylvia, Beth Just Skippin Bye 50
Lemois, Courtney  Lance T 41
RIHA English Pleasure Horse Charette, Deborah No Shenanigans 62
Charette, Mary Kings Ransom 36
Charette, Mary Texas Souvenir 29
March, Patrick Mr. Darcy 19
March, Patrick High Tide 17
Horsfield, Savannah Starling (SH) 13
RIHA Hunter Charette, Mary Piano Man 171
Brayman, Wendy Snug Harbor 116
Oliveira, Jacquelyn Zabeg 113
Short-Stirrup Hunter    Snyder, Eamon My Wild Irish Rose 904
Sargent, Jay Winooski 127
Brown, Sandra Killy Gordon's Giddy Up 77
DeBerardis, Sophie Highlands Castle 55
Horsfield, Savannah Starling (SH) 17
Gallagher, Greta Highlands Castle 8
Walk-Trot Pleasure Snyder, Eamon My Wild Irish Rose 357
Traficante, Tatum  India 112
Brown, Sandra Killy Gordon's Giddy Up 112
Anderson, Kayleigh Quantico 93
Charette, Mary Piano Man 63
Charette, Mary Emerald City 23
Snyder, Melinda Covenant Armani 22
Walk-Trot Pleasure 11 & Over Charette, Mary Texas Souvenir 126
Charette, Mary Emerald City 123

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