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RIHA Points for 2014 - Non-Equitation

Points as of March 23rd

Member Horse Points
Adult Amateur Hunter 35+
Lebo, Christopher Sir Galahad 156
Wilson, Nancy Parker River Wine 53
Harkins, Robin Swiss Miss 12
Children's Hunter Horse
Solomons, Katie Mozart 116
Bellino, Tyler Nicodemus 84
Gadrow, Claire Off Broadway 82
Huntoon, April Ice Capade 43
Nasznic, Carly What a Star 13
Children's Hunter Ponies
Brayman, Wendy Langley 152
Pelletier, Sarah Hufflepuff 70
O'Brien, Christina Glynnfan Virginia Slim 52
Esposito, Caroline Blue Willow Magic Septor 34
Hunter Pleasure
Littlefield, Chelsea Premier Pattie 64
Hunter Type Pet Pony
Brayman, Wendy Langley 125
Brayman, Wendy Otter Ridge Phantom of the Opera 110
Ward, Alison Dudley Do Right 92
Brayman, Wendy Wallaby Way 61
DeBerardis, Sophie Highlands Castle 46
Junior Exhibitor's Hack
Brayman, Wendy Langley 122
Brayman, Wendy Otter Ridge Phantom of the Opera 116
Brayman, Wendy Wallaby Way 55
Lewis, Stephanie Nantucket Bay 49
Leadline Suitability
Segerson, Samantha Magnetic Boom 87
DeAngelis, Brook Grommet 65
Zammer, Abigail Severn Legacy 21
Modified Adult Hunter
Whitty, Alison True North 124
Gadrow, Claire Off Broadway 87
Sargent, Jay Equador 86
Hourihan , Suzanne Apache (SH) 52
Pre-Children's Hunter
Croston, Victoria Lucky in Love 177
Charette, Mary Texas Souvenir 73
Charest, Allison This Devil Wears Prada 43
Performance Hunter 3'3
Harris, Nora Whisper Low 146
Wilson, Nancy Parker River Wine 71
Sargent, Jay WiFi 44
RIHA English Pleasure Horse
Segerson, Samantha Magnetic Boom 70
Charette, Mary Emerald City 62
Tolppa, Nicki Don't Care 30
Littlefield, Chelsea Premier Pattie 24
Esposito, Caroline Blue Willow Magic Septor 21
Buker, Hayley Hard Knox 15
Charest, Allison This Devil Wears Prada 13
RIHA Hunter
Monge, Malia Westlife 437
Brayman, Wendy Old Spice 281
Smith, Kimberly Pirate 98
RIHA Western Pleasure Horse
Charette, Deborah Muddy Rivers 76
Short-Stirrup Hunter
Harris, Nora April Showers 572
Rooney, Caroline Apache 256
DeBerardis, Sophie Highlands Castle 146
DeAngelis, Brook Grommet 130
Craig, Samantha Keepsake 124
Sargent, Jay Tom Tom 82
Ward, Alison Dudley Do Right 53
Capozzi, Caroline Right on Red 29
Bernard, Georgia Cartwheel Counterpoint 29
Trail Horse Division English
Rooney, Caroline Apache 19
Tolppa, Nicki Don't Care 17
Trail Horse Division Western
Charette, Deborah Muddy Rivers 80
Walk-Trot Beginner's Pleasure
Brayman, Wendy Spectacular Rabbit 81
Charette, Mary Texas Souvenir 80
Brayman, Wendy McGregor 39
Ward, Alison Promise 38
Gallagher, Greta Simon Says Secret Tryst 28
Charette, Mary Shakespeare 26
LaChance, Isabella This Devil Wears Prada (IL) 13
Gardner, Elizabeth Bayberry 13

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