2019 Points

If there is a star (*) next to your name, you need to compete in at least one more RI show to have your points qualify for year end awards!!!

Including the October 12, 2019 Dapper Dan.

If any of the information listed is incorrect or missing, or if you have any questions about the point standings below, go to the Contact page to contact the RIHA Points Secretary. Please direct all inquiries to the points secretary via EMAIL. NO PHONE CALLS!

 RI Finals 2019 Qualifiers

You must register your horse or pony with the Points Secretary in order to accumulate points for a 2019 year end award.

Points will be officially posted to the website for members to review four times per year, as follows:

 May 1 (December through April shows) final May 31
 September 1 (May through August shows) final on September 30
 November 1 (September through October shows) final on November 30
 December 1 (November shows) final on December 31

The points will be final 30 days after official posting. If an exhibitor finds a discrepancy it is up to him/her to notify the Points Secretary for corrections. After that date, the points will be final and RIHA will not go back and change any points from those months. NO PHONE CALLS!


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